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Action on hearing loss

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Alison tells us about the work of Action on Hearing Loss.

AOHL, formerly known as the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, is the foremost organisation in the country that helps people of all ages who suffer from impairment to their hearing. On 12th of February 2019 we were visited by Regional Information Co-ordinator Alison Skinner.  Alison has been completely deaf from birth so she brought Marie to sign for her.

Hearing loss is a major problem nationally with eleven million sufferers, a figure that is rising. Mostly the problem lies with older people but youngsters exposed to loud music present a growing problem. The effect of deafness can often lead to withdrawal from society leading to distress and depression. Tinnitus, whereby some people hear noises within their heads, is a difficult problem but there are ways of alleviating the condition.

Alison’s task is to make people aware of these problems, to encourage them to seek treatment and to obtain and wear suitable hearing aids. Action on Hearing Loss also campaigns to make employers, schools and communities aware of the problems that can arise with the people in their care and how these can best be tackled.
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