PSA - Prostate cancer test

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PSA - Prostate cancer test

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Published by Nigel in Events · 12 August 2021
It’s very important that all men between 50 and 75 test annually for the signs of prostate cancer.

It will often be too late once symptoms are evident. One way to avoid this situation is to have a blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) which can give early warning that there may be a problem and further investigation is warranted.
The wonderful Reading Lions Club organise an annual event* at the Rutherford Cancer Centre in the new Reading Science Park near Junction 11.

They don’t charge and every year can point to a number of lives being saved by virtue of having this test.
  • Prostate Cancer kills more men than Breast Cancer kills women!
  • Unlike Breast Cancer men are not regularly screened by the NHS!

Read more and book your slot now here:-

*The pandemic has meant that there has been a 2-year hiatus in testing, so it’s even more important to…
Do it now!

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