Erleigh Road Community Garden - Reading Rotary

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Erleigh Road Community Garden

Last year (2019-2020) the Community and Vocational team are supporting a number of local community gardens.

  • Erleigh Road - funding towards replacement of an old shed with a new greenhouse
  • Weller Centre
  • Ridgeaway Trust.
  • Redlands Community Garden
  • Oxford Road Garden
  • MERL
  • Green Health..Well Centre.
  • Launchpad Allotments
Press Release
Construction has begun of a new greenhouse at Erleigh Road Community
Garden in Reading, as part of a £3,000+ improvement project. The
award-winning Garden gives local people a chance to grow their own
food and work together outdoors. It also provides local school
children the opportunity to find out where their food comes from, as
well as experience nature in a busy urban setting.
The greenhouse, which has been funded by grants from Oxford Diocese
and Reading Rotary Club, will extend the variety of food produced by
the Garden. It will also help users of the Garden learn more about
cultivating plants grown under glass.
Naomi German of local organisation Food4Families, who set up and
coordinates the Garden said, "We are excited to kick start the growing
season with the new greenhouse which will really enhance the garden,
extend the growing season and allows us to grow a greater variety of
fruit and veg. We cannot wait to welcome the community back into the
garden for 2020 and the lovely greenhouse!"
Rev'd Serena Tajima, curate of Redlands Parish (St Luke's and St
Barts) said, "I’m excited to try out the new greenhouse and grow some
seedlings to put in our Easter garden that will be on display in
church on Easter Sunday morning."
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