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We are People of Action making a difference in our communities.

Reading Rotary Club is now in its 100th Year and will continue to uphold the values and ethics which have made it the successful club it is today. I believe that in the coming year, Rotary Clubs will be faced with a wide array of causes in need of support. Amongst others, world events have generated a demand for:
• Support for refugees, both abroad and those who have arrived in Reading from conflicts around the world.
• Support to young people whose lives and prospects have been affected by disruption due to Covid19.
• Measures to reduce our negative impact on the environment.
I plan to increase our involvement in the above topics, working with other local clubs to maximise our impact and consistent with the current headline from Rotary International, we need to IMAGINE what we can do.
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Next meeting: Tuesday 16th August at Pepe Sale 12:30 p.m. for 1:00 p.m.

Speaker: Romy Biscoe, Starting Point, The Mustard Tree
Topic: Mentoring young people who face disadvantages

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