Zanzibar 2006-2022 - The Rotary Club of Reading

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Zanzibar 2006-2022

Construction and completion of a male ward at Kitope hospital in Zanzibar.
This will have been a 16 year project with Zanzibar goes back to 2006. The Bishop Shao in Zanzibar was supported in these works by Reading Rotary club initially and then by Ampleforth College.
  • 2006 - dispensary fitted out with microscope, computer, printer, airport style waiting  room metal seating, medical trolley, screens, incubator, test tubes etc £6,500 by the Resding Rotary club

  • 2015 - Purchase of a bus from Birmingham for £13,500 paid by Ampleforth shipped to Dar es Salaam for £3,000 Ampleforth Duty port £4,000 The bus was needed to pick up school children from remote parts of the island.

  • 2018 - Fr Francis from Ampleforth died - ran FACE FAW

  • 2018 - Project to complete a hospital ward at Kitope started £4,000 (£12,000 required)to be named after Fr Francis

  • 2020/21 - Covid 19

  • 2021 (October) Ampleforth have funds generated by the pupils fund raising, to complete the £12,000 balance £8,000

  • 2022 - Future - The ward will be named “The Fr Francis Ward “ with his photo in the entrance

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