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Despite the lockdown, Aquabox has continued to respond to disasters across the world and have continued to receive wonderful support from Rotarians across the UK.
They have launched an exciting new campaign to encourage their Aquabox friends and supporters to sponsor a family filter as a gift for themselves, a friend or family member this Christmas. Each family filter is capable of meeting all the water needs for a family of 6. Trials in the Gambia have shown that the filters can continue to dispense water for over 7 years which works out at over 500,000l of safe drinking water - What a Gift of Life

This latest Aquabox campaign #cleanwaterforChristmas is being launched today to coincide with an Aquabox  advertisement in the Observer.
It would be wonderful if you could consider sponsoring a Aqua Family Filter this Christmas. You can access the Campaign on

In return for the £25 donation on the JustGiving page, the donor will receive a certificate by e-mail which they can forward to their friends / relatives or print off and include in their Christmas cards.
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