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Reading Rotary Community Project (RRCP)

RRCP works locally to help people in and around Reading, its first  objective being to relieve financial hardship by the provision of  accommodation. It was with this in mind that it built Centenary House  (on behalf of The Rotary Club of Reading), which continues to provide  good housing for seven otherwise homeless people nominated by the local  charity Launchpad, which also administers it.

But RRCP also seeks to develop the capacity and skills of other socially  and economically deprived people in the area and to help them improve  their lives. This it does by inviting local charities with objectives  similar to RRCP to benefit from cash awards.
If you think that your charity may meet RRCP's objectives we would like to hear from you.

Please note that if a worthy charity does not meet the objectives of RRCP then the Club itself may possibly be able to help.

To download an application form, please follow this link>
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